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TablasSnowboard:  Burton 2012 -  Custom Flying V Restricted 158
TablasSnowboard:  Burton 2012 -  Custom Flying V Restricted 158


Custom Flying V Restricted

384.97€    549.95€




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Gender:  Men/Unisex

Level: Advanced

Terrain: Freestyle

Inserts: ICS

Shape: Twin Like

Camber: Flying-V

Flex: 5

Width: mm

Tablas Snowboard Burton

Custom Flying V Restricted 158

The latest hybrid hammer hucker.

Special issue for Restricted, the Burton Custom with NEW Camber Humps introduces the latest evolution in Springloaded hybrid performance. Taking the loose and playful feel of rocker, Camber Humps add aggressive power to the mix for a ride that leans towards the camber side of the spectrum. Full contact zones between and outside the feet deliver high-speed stability. The snappy suspension of camber is focused underfoot for pre-loaded pop. Rocker at the tip and tail adds the necessary float and catch-free feel.

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