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TablasSnowboard:  Bataleon 2014 -  Funkink 2014 151
TablasSnowboard:  Bataleon 2014 -  Funkink 2014 151


Funkink 2014

272.97€    389.95€




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Gender:  Men/Unisex

Level: Advanced

Terrain: Freestyle

Inserts: 4x4

Shape: Twin Like

Camber: Camber

Flex: 3

Width: mm

Tablas Snowboard Bataleon

Funkink 2014 151

The FUN.KINK is a true twin built around the softest version of our CORE CORE. This gives it a very soft flex without sacrificing strength and makes the FUN.KINK one of the most forgiving and fun to ride menís boards in the range: Great for fast progression and easy, playful buttering. With FREESTYLE TBT, our most Ďall roundí TBT shape, which retains good stability and balances that with superb edge-to-edge agility, the FUN.KINK is easy to carve and helps make ollies and butters bigger and better than they have ever been! If playing around on the hill is your thing, then you need a FUN.KINK because it is the most fun that you can have with your pants on.