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FijacionesSnowboard:  Forum 2012 -  Recon Life Aquatic
FijacionesSnowboard:  Forum 2012 -  Recon Life Aquatic



90.97€    129.95€




Transporte Gratis!

Transporte gratis para todos los pedidos superiores a 100€.

Para más info:   +34 973240616


Gender:  Men/Unisex


Inserts Compatible:  

Flex:  10

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Recon Life Aquatic

Capable of Freestyle Combat

Special Forces—versatile and agile assets capable of providing discrete reconnaissance. For years, the Recon has adopted this definition. Using a nimble nylon platform to explore all areas of the park, its artillery are the failsafe Bubbler strap and Half Cap—comfortable and secure weapons for small- to large-range execution and tweakability. Few snowboard companies last as long as the Recon has been on duty attacking from surface and air.